gobl-5239455Gabloner Consulting is a company located in South Tyrol, the Northernmost Province in Italy. Thanks to the historic roots of this area we speak fluently German and Italian (and additionally English and Spanish). We put into daily practice the precise German work attitude combined with the Italian can-do ability to find a solution. We have a decade of experience in the Italian PV market when it comes to big solar power plants.

From the very first “Conto Energia” in 2005 on, we developed multi-megawatt photovoltaic power plants from scratch, mastering all the peculiarities of the Italian market. We have developed and put in operation more than 25MWp of photovoltaic projects.

With our market knowledge, Italy-wide network and extended experience, we are the ideal partner for YieldCos, IPPs, funds, or professional or private investors looking to acquire big PV assets in operation.

We can find and provide tailored PV investments on the secondary market in a small timeframe.

The focus of our activities today lies in the secondary photovoltaic market, helping all kind of investors find the right investment object. Depending on the customer’s requests, we screen the available assets on the secondary market and actively scout for the right match. Once you tell us what you are looking for, we’ll find it. 1MWp or a package of 30MWp, all over Italy or just in the South? Contact us!

Additionally, thanks to our network of high profile business partners, we provide all the services a customer may need to evaluate the technical, financial and administrative aspects of the prospect.

Our network of professionals includes all the skills needed to perform a professional analysis and Due Diligence of photovoltaic assets. We cover everything from technicians to layers to financial and tax consultants with an extensive background in photovoltaics in Italy.

If you are a company or private investor and your goal is buy installed photovoltaic power plants in Italy, let us be your partner!